Our Vision

The cryptomarket is a complicated market, in which in order to receive decent profits it is required to not only possess some serious knowledge in the fields of finance and trading, but also deep understanding of technology as well. New cryptocurrencies, forks of existing projects and hundreds of ICOs appear each month. The high volatility of the market and the existence of a large number of scammers leads to significant financial losses for inexperienced investors. Commonly, this becomes the primary issue for newbie-investors, which simply do not have time on their hands to analyze everything in full detail.

Under such conditions, many of them simply revoke the idea of investing incrypto assets.Nonetheless, there are experienced cryptoinvestors, who have already figured out all of the functionality nuances of the market. By correctly formulating their portfolio of cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens, they are capable of acquiring significant profits in a short amount of time. However, this part of investors faces another problem. The quantity of funds they can manage is limited to their own individual assets. Aside from potential profits lost, low amounts of capital do not allow for one to receive large ICObonuses, which are generally available to highrollers only.There are professional players within themarket too - cryptofunds.

They demonstrate colossal profits if we go by traditional market metrics, but they too run into a lineup of problems that limit their development.First of all, in light of the absence of regulatory frameworks in most countries, it is challenging for cryptofunds to persuade investors in the safety of their investment, especially outside of the bounds of their region. This severely localizes their business operations and limits the number of new clients, especially from different countries. As a result, professional market participants are frequently limited to working with local individuals and experience problems with attracting additional funds to manage.

Secondly, it is challenging for professionals to work with small investors, since communication costs associated with them frequently overshadow actual profits. In order to not spend time on communicating with clients, that have invested minuscule funds, professionals are forced to implement high entry barriers, which, of course, lower the volume of manageable funds, and ultimately, profits. The recipe to a solution for all of these issues experienced by market participants is the revolutionary Safinus platform. It connects new investors and experienced market

Our Mission

To make highly profitable cryptocurrency investments easily accessible to a broad range of market newcomers, while allowing experienced market participants to significantly increase their managed assets and profits.

Our Management Team

Alexey Scherbin
CEO, Co-Founder
Alexey is a serial entrepreneur as well as the founder of UserPoint, Contextvisor, and “Trainer-Partner” online services. Alexey has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. He has also led and managed the implementation of various IT-projects for companies like Gazprom and Henkel.
Dmitriy Morgun
CTO, Co-Founder
IT-director of Advanced Online. Dmitriy has been developing IT-systems for over 8 years now. Gaining extensive expertise in solving the most complicated tech tasks as well as experience in working on projects for MTS (one of Russia’s biggest network providers) in the process.
Julia Luckman
CMO, Co-Founder
With over 7 years of experience as the Director of online marketing for Advanced Online, Julia has obtained vast amounts of knowledge launching new products, services, and developing marketspaces to accommodate new services.
Ivan Morgunov
Founder of the crypto fund BitPrideFund, president of the cryptocurrency millionaires club, founder of BitPrideMining, creator of the FunCpa partner network.


Edwin van den Berg
Stock, crypto, and forex trader based on fundamental and technical analysis (20 years). Fundamental Crypto Analyst and Investor, Founder and CEO of CryptoRatingDesk.com, Founder and CEO of TripsTrading.com, Senior Lecturer International Financial Management.
Teddy Yifru
Strong professional trader skilled in Asset Management, Securities, Stock Market and Trading Systems. Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.
Casagrande Giovanni
MA in Economics from Bologna University, founder of Black Marketing Guru, first growth hacker agency in Italy. Cryptocurrency passionate. He believes in the power of decentralization and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives. Giovanni is a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space.
Robert Greysman
Robert is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain thought leader with over 15 yrs experience in enterprise sales and management. With a track record of building and coaching successful sales teams, Robert applies his skills to introduce people to crypto and teaches them how to properly protect their assets.