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Profitability, %

To correctly display fund profitability, we calculate it as an average between all 5-minute period profitability values during the rollover period. Deposits and withdrawals made during the 5-minute period are not taken into account, and instead are calculated into the next period. This allows us to display only the profitability achieved via trading.

Value, USD Investors Volatility, %

Volatility is a measurement of how much a currency’s exchange rate tends to move in a certain amount of time. The higher the volatility of a portfolio, the riskier is investing in it. This doesn’t, however, mean, that a volatile portfolio can’t be profitable.

Commission rate

Commission is a monthly fee set by a fund manager, that all investors are required to pay as a certain percentage from their profits. It is not paid if a fund was not did not receive any profit during the rollover period.

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