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Total: 500,000 / 500,000 USD (Pre-Sale Hard Cap)
What is Safinus?
A platform, where new entrants to the crypto market can join profitable cryptocurrency and ICO portfolios in just a few clicks. Additionally, experienced investors can significantly increase the volume of their managed capital, while professional traders and funds can attract new clients on a global scale.
Components of Safinus
Private Trust Cryptoassets Management
Cryptocurrency and ICO Community Voting System
Internal Cryptoexchange
Technical Analysis and Strategy Automation Tools
Portfolio Rating Based on Blockchain-proved Profitability
Portfolio Mechanism
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Portfolio Mechanism
Portfolio manager Can Set his Own Portfolio Conditions:
  • A fixed commission fee for investors joining and leaving a trading portfolio.

  • Commission based on investor’s profits.

In order to launch a portfolio on the Safinus platform, a trader must have a minimum balance of 200 SAF tokens. Furthermore, the Safinus platform will take a 10% commission fee based on the profits a trader makes utilizing investor funds.

Private Trust Cryptoassets Management
Portfolio Manager Can Set his Own Portfolio Conditions:
  • Fixed commission.

  • Commission based on investor’s profits.

  • Minimum amount of investment.

  • Minimum period of management.

In order to launch a portfolio on the Safinus platform, a trader must have a minimum balance of 200 SAF tokens. Furthermore, the Safinus platform will take a 10% commission fee based on the profits a trader makes utilizing investor funds.

Cryptocurrency and ICO Community Voting System
Prior to investing portfolio funds into a specific ICO or cryptocurrency, the asset must pass through the platforms portfolio managers community. This is only possible if the asset receives a majority vote.
Access to Multiple Exchanges Through One Interface
The Safinus platform will be integrated with large cryptocurrency exchanges through its API. This will allow portfolio managers to gain access to a large quantity of orders and to close out deals with the most profitable prices.
Other Components of Safinus Platform:
Internal Cryptoexchange
Portfolio Rating Based on Blockchain-proved Profitability
Technical Analysis and Strategy Automation Tools
The detailed description of these components see in our White Paper.
What Kind of Advantages Does the Safinus Platform Offer?
For experienced private investors and cryptofunds:
For new entrants to the crypto market:
Safinus Mission:
To make highly profitable investments in cryptoassets available to a broad audience of new entrants while allowing professional market participants to significantly increase their amount of managed assets and profits. 
What Is a SAF Token?
The SAF Token is a utility token, which is used by portfolio managers to pay fees and commissions of the Safinus Platform. It's usage is similar to other exchanges' tokens (for example, BNB within Binance exchange).
Launch and Sale of SAF Tokens
Token Name: SAF
Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC 20
Price of One SAF During the ICO: 1 USD
Hard Cap: 16 000 000 USD
All unsold SAF tokens will be burned after the ICO.
ICO Stages
Stage 1. Pre-Sale
23 January 2018 - 14 February 2018
Pre-sale has successfully completed
Thank You for support!
Total: 500,000 / 500,000 USD (Pre-Sale Hard Cap)
Stage 2. ICO
2 May 2018 - 2 June 2018
Discount for Purchasing ICO Tokens:
Main Objectives of Our ICO:
  • Liquidity fund
  • Platform development
  • International marketing to attract newbie investors
  • Legal expenses
What is the SAF Token?

The SAF token is based off of ERC 20 standards. It’s a utility token and will be an irreplaceable part of our Safinus platform.

How will the SAF tokens be used on the Safinus platform?

The tokens will be used as a payment system within the platform. Traders will be able to create their trader portfolios on the Safinus platform through the use of SAF tokens. In order to create 1 portfolio on the platform, a trader must have a minimum balance of 200 SAF tokens on their account. Traders will also pay the Safinus platforms commissions and fees with SAF tokens.

Do SAF tokens pass the Howey test?

1. SAF tokens are considered to be utility tokens. They are used for portfolio creation on our platform as well as a payment method to cover fees and commissions.
2. SAF Tokens are not stocks of the Safinus project and they do not give their holder the right to profit share in the platforms revenues.

Will SAF tokens be released after the end of the ICO?

No, SAF tokens will not be released after the completion of the ICO.

Is there a limit to the amount of funds that Safinus is aiming to receive in exchange to SAF tokens?

Hard Cap of the project – 16 million USD.

What coins will be accepted during the ICO in return for SAF?

Bitcoin and Ether will be accepted during the SAF tokensale.

Our Management Team
Alexey Scherbin
CEO, Co-Founder
Alexey is a serial entrepreneur as well as the founder of UserPoint, Contextvisor, and “Trainer-Partner” online services. Alexey has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. He has also led and managed the implementation of various IT-projects for companies like Gazprom and Henkel.
Dmitriy Morgun
CTO, Co-Founder
IT-director of Advanced Online. Dmitriy has been developing IT-systems for over 8 years now. Gaining extensive expertise in solving the most complicated tech tasks as well as experience in working on projects for MTS (one of Russia’s biggest network providers) in the process.
Julia Luckman
Head of Marketing, Co-Founder
With over 7 years of experience as the Director of online marketing for Advanced Online, Julia has obtained vast amounts of knowledge launching new products, services, and developing marketspaces to accommodate new services.
Ivan Morgunov
Founder of the crypto fund BitPrideFund, president of the cryptocurrency millionaires club, founder of BitPrideMining, creator of the FunCpa partner network.
Denis Goldberg
Product Manager
Denis has more than 4 years engaged in the management of various projects, controlling all stages of the process, from the creation of the initial idea to its launch and implementation of the product. He is always open for new challenges, considers this an essential part of his development and of any project as a whole.
Olga Radevskaya
Head of Sales
Olga has been involved in the promotion of popular media outlets and social networks for 2 years. She curates a few public communities on Vkontakte. Has experience in collaborating with numerous online stores. Olga's systematic train of thought and artistic approach to all tasks at hand allow her to take care of her projects in the most diverse manner.
Olga Grigorova
Head of Communications
Olga has a broad range of experience collaborating with clients from various spheres. Has experience leading negotiations with representatives of the Chelsea F.C., as well as experience in escorting the clubs delegates during their stay in Longon as a translator. Over years worth of experience as a PR manager at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations volunteer center.
Anastasia Kuteynikova
Marketing Manager
Anastasia has vast experience in Internet marketing and has worked with small yet successful online projects (online shops and web services) as well as big brands.
Michael Yanchenko
Michael has five years of experience in developing high load web apps. Additionally, he has been developing CRMs for various web services for over 2 years.
Eugene Ulin
Eugene has been a backend developer for various web services for over three years now. He spends most of his time enthusiastically studying everything that is related to Blockchain technology.
Andrey Sergeenkov
Marketing and PR specialist
Andrey has over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience as well as trusted internet-marketing. Andrey, believes that actual usefulness is the best PR for any project.
Evgeny Berus
UI/UX designer
Evgeny speciaizes in digital UI/UX and graphic design. The last 2 years actively studying and creating interfaces. Earlier in his career, he worked as a digital designer at Ailove design agency. He considers that his creative approach being developed through years is what has helped him to get noticed in the industry and take part in awesome projects.
Dmitriy Osiev
PR manager
Dmitriy has been in PR management for almost 3 years now. He’s got a lot of interesting projects of different scales behind him (from small online stores to large info portals). Dmitriy’s strong side is his unbelievable creativity and unique approach to all tasks assigned to him.
Ayush Sandzhi-Goryaev
Business Analyst
Ayush has experience as an analyst in large Russian companies such as StroyTransNefteGaz, and Rostelecom. Successfully completed various projects on the acquisition of the construction equipment.
Aleksander Ismailov
Business Analyst
Aleksander has a broad range of experience as a business analyst. His main spheres of operation are IT companies and business consulting. Obtained a master’s degree in economics from MSU. Concentration and full involvement in a project make him an indispensable specialist in his field of work.
Aleksei Litovchenko
Account Manager
Aleksei has two years of experience in working with clients from different industries. A constant strive for team leadership and professional self-development help Aleksei solve even the most challenging tasks in his projects.
Ilya Perevoznik
Ilya has been involved with the development of different web apps for 4 years. Took part in the development of DPR ministry websites. One of his projects - the development of the web app for the admissions office of his own university.
+ more than 30 other team members